Balinese Massage in Delhi

What is Balinese Massage?

Before availing a session of Balinese Massage in Delhi, let’s understand it. Balinese Massage was developed and practiced in Bali, Indonesia. It is derived from the traditional medicine systems of India, China, and Southeast Asia. Manual movements and pressure characterize the Massage by favoring the activation of the restrictions in the body systems.

The massage therapy includes the application of essential oils followed by the firm and gentle body stroking, upper skin flicking, and deep skin rolling. It provides yoga principles, acupressure, reflexology, and a stone massage. The technique is intended to loosen the muscle restrictions, stimulating the lymphatic system increasing the flow of blood and body energy.

This massage addresses the body at the therapeutic level releasing the deeper tensions of our muscle tissue. It gives an effect on proper coordination in body and mind. You will feel healthy from the inside to the outside. As per the Hindu tradition, it helps to open up the energy channels, to absorb the positive energy and to release the negative energy. The state of total harmony in the body is the main purpose of this therapy.

balinese massage in delhi
Balinese Massage by Massage Craze
process of balinese massage
Process of Balinese Massage

How Balinese Massage is done?

This therapy addresses all the 107 anatomical points in the human body. It stimulates the converged energy points in our nerves, joints, bones, veins, and arteries. This is where the therapist’s expertise and experience come to a count.

Balinese Massage is done on a stretcher, on a futon, or directly on the floor. The masseur applies pressure by finger, forearm, and with the feet throughout the body using various manual techniques such as:

  • Finger pressure, palmar and knuckles
  • Surface rubbing.
  • Muscle stretching and twisting.
  • Foot, hand and ear reflexology.
  • Percussion and tacking.

Benefits of Balinese Massage

As we have mentioned before, the Balinese Massage is done to attain precisely the many positive effects in the body. The following benefits are observed the post-massage therapy.

  • Balinese Massage improves blood flow and oxygen circulation.
  • It activates the lymphatic system in its functioning.
  • This therapy improves the relaxation of strained muscles, improving mobility, and soothing joint pain.
  • Helps in sports injuries and toning of the skin and weight loss
  • Helpful in Respiratory System and Allergies.
  • Good effect on heart rate by reducing stress and tension
  • It helps improve mental stability and relaxation, increasing sleeping abilities.
  • It increases concentration, reduces headaches, and migraines anxiety and depression.
  • Reduced Skin dimpling and nodularity (cellulite)
benefits of balinese massage
Benefits of Balinese Massage

Limitations and Side-effects

Please consider avoiding the therapy in pregnancy (check Prenatal Massage), injuries, hernia, or recently operated conditions. Therapy is not advisable with ongoing heart treatment. Before receiving a Balinese massage, please consult a professional therapist for advice. This way, we will not take any chances, and you’ll enjoy this excellent therapy.

How to Book a Balinese Massage in Delhi?

The exotic environment of the Massage Craze (MC) is full of aromatic oriental incense, soft and soothing music, a glimmer of the lights, and candles, soft music to create a superb relaxing ambiance first of all. You can experience the right energies for perfect session of Balinese massage in Delhi at our Spa.

Massage Craze provides a Hygienic and sterilized spa robe with experts in Balinese Massage. Our Spa exceeds the expectations of the guests in a proper massage procedure, results, and benefits. We have created the typical Balinese massage environment with the right amenities, ingredients, sessions, and methods by applying traditional wisdom. We follow the standards procedures to achieve a high therapeutic and healing effect. One can experience both physical and mental energy to flow exalted with one of the most exotic massages.

Right Balinese Massage melts away any deep strain; tension leads to a state of total relaxation. Our Spa is well known for its strange magic in giving the profound applications of Balinese massage therapy. Discover the wonderful world of treatments at our Spa.