Hot Stone Massage in Delhi

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Before explaining how to avail a Hot Stone Massage in Delhi, let us understand the definition of it and more…

The hot stone massage is characterized by the use of warmed stones with various massage techniques. It relaxes tensed and stiffed muscles, improves blood circulation and relieves from pain. The heat of a warm stone penetrates the skin deeper and acts on the muscle problems. Heated stones are placed over the acupressure points. The flow of energy is acquired in its natural state to promote the healing process.

hot stone massage in delhi
process of hot stone massage in delhi

How is Hot Stone Massage done?

In the process of going ahead for a Hot Stone Massage, you need to lie down on a massage table. The therapist applies light oil to your skin. Initially, a towel is used between you and the stones. Once you get used to the warm sensation, your therapist will start placing those hot stones over your body.

They will allow the stone to rest on different areas of your back and legs. You will experience the everyday stresses going away. Stone massage therapy is an excellent pick if you’re feeling exhausted from the overwork. It is deeply relaxing with a typical treatment time of 60 to 90 minutes. You will start feeling refreshed even from the first session.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy eases muscle stiffness, increases blood circulation and metabolism. Stones that are heated with warm water are kept certain points of the body. The hot stone massage promotes muscle relaxation at a deeper level.

Therapy helps reduce chronic pain and stress. It expands blood vessels and increases blood flow. Full body massage combining hot stone has an excellent healing experience as below-

  • Cancerous tumors
  • Wounds, Scar
  • Any internal bleeding in the organs.
  • Bruises, and broken skin,
  • Blood clotting, low platelet counts,
  • Phlebitis, varicose veins, cellulitis, pregnancy,
  • Diabetes and heart problems.
benefits of hot stone massage in delhi

Limitations and Side-effects

You must raise your hand and voice loud while any discomfort felt during the body massage. Communication is necessary during the massage to safeguard from any side effect. The stones are hot, and it has to be applied as per skin conditions. People with certain medical conditions are discouraged from opting for hot stone massage. These medical conditions are as below-

  • It deals with chronic conditions of pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • It helps in reducing pain and muscle spasms
  • Mental relaxation by reducing chronic stress and tension
  • Easy mobility and flexibility in the joints.
  • Deals with strained and contracted muscles

How to Book a Hot Stone Massage in Delhi?

The hot stone massage is much more than your regular massage work. The process looks simple, but it is quite tricky. Indeed, it needs expertise and experience. Our Spa aims to supply the massage service fulfilling the requisite technicality. The massage treatment takes place in a required private room. Your therapist performs the massage with carefully selected heated stones.

A comfortable temperature is maintained as per the need of the treatment. We work with unique stones with smooth with entirely bearable heat. If you’re looking for a stress-busting session of massage, which is designed to relax physically as well as mentally, there is nothing better than a hot stone massage at our Spa. It is very much famous for providing comfort to the mind and body. A combination of oils and natural stones in great ambiance compels us to try Hot Stone Massage in Delhi. It is worth to try with us at any of our massage parlours in Delhi (See Wikipedia). We’re covering three locations ie Green park, Rohini & Saket/Malviya Nagar. 

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