Lomi lomi Massage in Delhi

What is Lomi lomi Massage?

Body Massage is always a healthy way of well-being. Massage Craze is the best option to provide a superb session of Lomi lomi massage in Delhi.

Lomi lomi Massage is one of the most profound and powerful forms of healing. The word Lomi lomi translates to Rub Rub, or in and out massage. It is a unique healing technique developed by the ancient Polynesian and the master healers of Hawaii. The Lomi lomi Massage is characterized by a traditional combination of massage techniques with nut oils.

It sometimes includes the elements of prayer, dance, breathing to restore the energy and soothe the body. The technique is also known as the ‘loving hands’ massage; the continuous, flowing strokes work gently with deep penetration in the muscles. It releases many stresses and strains in body and mind.

The Hawaiians believe that all the aspects, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are all part one whole self. When healing is received on one level, it affects other levels also. Thus Lomi lomi massage facilitates healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well. On the physical level, Lomi lomi relieves stress-strain and tension.

lomi lomi massage in delhi

The blood circulation and lymph flow are increased, helping the elimination of wastes and toxins. It is a really blissful and fairly mind-blowing experience. The love, compassion, respect, and so many other elements are the very foundation of a Hawaiian Lomi lomi massage.

process of lomi lomi massage in delhi

How is Lomi lomi Massage done?

Traditionally the recipient lays directly on the floor on a handwoven mat. The body is covered by a small sheet or towel, leaving most of the body exposed to maintaining the modesty. This helps in underbody and full body strokes without interruption in the flow of the massage therapy. Room temperature is maintained as required.

Stillness is a crucial factor in this massage practice between the practitioner and client. More often, the practitioner’s hands gently rest on the clients back. In this stillness, the client is asked to pray or to set their intention for the healing.

The continuous flowing strokes are generated with the therapist’s fingers, thumbs, palms, arms, and elbows. It creates an impression of the rhythmic motion of a fluid. Various other nut oils are usually generally used to keep the skin smooth moisturized and nourished.


Gentle stretches of the body, rotations of the joints, dance work or hula movements, combined with the breathwork are the essential and integral aspects of the Lomi Lomi massage. The massage releases emotional outbursts and shifts negative emotions, negative beliefs. Breathing is the essence of energy and an essential part of this massage. It dramatically enhances the energy flow once again.

Benefits of Lomi lomi Massage

It is blissfully relaxation after your Hawaiian Lomi lomi Massage. It nurtures the body with deep soul connections. A dip in the pool or a moderate shower post-massage, you ready for the world again with various benefits listed here.

  • Releases tension & stress
  • Assist blood and lymph flow
  • Waste and toxins elimination
  • The body & Soul rejuvenation
  • Lomi lomi establishes a sense of peace, harmony, and wellbeing.
  • Suitable for children and women’s stomachs.
benefits of lomi lomi massage in delhi

Limitations and Side-effects

It is a gentle massage system with physical techniques and practices involved. Please allow the therapist to know your medical condition and history before your therapy begins. It is important to tell them if you are suffering any illness, injuries or any emotional disbalances. The massage is not advisable during pregnancy.

How to Avail Lomi lomi Massage in Delhi?

This is one of the luxuries traditional massage therapy available with us. You can think of its geographical origins at our spa. You will experience a little piece of Hawaii throughout the process at our spa. You can imagine finding yourself next to miles of Hawaiian beach and feels like a holiday-effects adding their magic.

We are proud to say that we have been able to create that ambience. You will find us practising the principle of aloha at our spa. Aloha stands for the sharing of joyful life energies, the secrets behind the Lomi Lomi massage. It is love that heals and nurtures the whole body and mind all around. The loving touch is a connection of heart, hands, and soul with the Source of All Life. You can experience the art of massaging till soul level at our Spa.