Sandwich Massage

As the name suggests, Sandwich Massage is a massage performed by two therapists at a time. They try their best to make you feel at cloud nine. This is more than a four-hand therapy, it lasts for 90 minutes. Sandwich masssage in Delhi is trending nowadays since this is performed by two staff at a time for 90 minutes, therefore, this becomes a bit costly even then people are loving it so much.

There are several massage parlours in Delhi which are offering similar services but the feedback we are getting at Massage Craze is outstanding, people are loving our therapy and giving really genuine feedback on the same.

Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage is a form of Full Body Massage, as suggests by name this therapy hails from Bali, Indonesia. Indonesia is the country known for the origin of multiple massage techniques. Balinese Massage gives a great pleasure to the body of the receiver. This technique includes-stretching, rubbing and kneading the body. Balinese Massage is done applying medium pressure on the body and gives a soothing experience to the client.

At Massage Craze, there are certified Balinese Massage therapists are available from all across the country. They know the application of the therapy. The best way to receive any massage is- always share your physical issues with your masseur.  Let’s say you’ve got any pain, surgery or infection on your specific part of the body, you are strongly suggested to share with us at our reception.

Female to Male Body Massage

Female to Male Body Massage is the first choice of youth in Delhi. They are seeking a good staff to go ahead and give a proper body massage to him. Therefore Female to Male Massage in Delhi is trending nowadays. People don’t like that someone from the same gender touches their body, therefore, F2M Massage is getting popular every day.

Deep Tissue Massage

The most popular massage among sporty people around the world is Deep Tissue Massage. This also provides most relaxing experience ever. It required most power out of a therapist also gives a relaxing experience to the receiver. If you are suffering from a backache, stiff bones & muscles etc. you must go for a session of Deep Tissue Massage. It improves the blood circulation of you full body and lightens you movements also improve the functionality of joints.

Body to Body Massage

Delhi’s most favorite Body Massage is Body to Body Massage, it has many benefits beyond feeling so nice while receiving it.  Body to body massage is an erotic form of therapy; which gives you the pleasure of sensual massage. If you are male and seeking good body to body massage in Delhi, then you must call us to get the best-ever body massage experience in Delhi.

Full Body Massage

Full body massage comprises any of Balinese, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Lomi Lomi etc. We’ve got our specialist people with us at our reception, once you are here, we’ll recommend you the most favorable Full Body Massage for you. The only thing you need to tell us i.e. objective of your massage session with us. Let’s say you’re seeking full body massage coz you are feeling tired after a hectic day in office, you are recommended a Balinese or Deep Tissue Massage. It has high quality to fight with your fatigue and relax your muscles.