Shiatsu Massage in Delhi

What is Shiatsu Massage ?

Shiatsu massage is a famous massage work in Japan (Check Wikipedia). The concepts of this massage are based on finger pressure. Therapy is developed in the Chinese traditional medicine system, widely adopted and practiced in Japan.

The process starts with palpation, then use of fingers, palms, and sometimes elbow. The technique comprises stretching, mobilization, and other technicalities. The most common practice in the shiatsu is the leaning of the body alongside its weight at various points.

The massage concepts revolve around applying pressure on specific energy pathways. The energy is termed as QI and channels in the body called Meridian.

shiatsu massage in delhi
benefits of shiatsu massage

How Shiatsu Massage is done?

The Shiatsu massage work resembles acupuncture and differentiated by finger pressure (acupressure ). It is intended to regulate the flow of body energy. Chinese believed that the illness is resultant of an imbalance in the flow of QI energy. QI is a vital energy in the human body forms the basis for the Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine systems.

An expert Shiatsu therapist can recognize the imbalanced pattern in the body. This can be done even if the physical sign is not very much prevalent at the point of time. They may appear soon. A regular massage program of Shiatsu is very important in this treatment practice. After maintaining a certain amount of regularity, you can observe improved wellness and vitality.

The massage schedule varies from person to person depending upon the conditions. Depending upon the lifestyle, their stress level, and so on, the person is assigned a certain number of monthly visits. By stimulating and invigorating or calming slowly, we cover the root cause of the ailment. It is very much enjoying and calming massages practice.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

  • Shiatsu is very helpful in dealing with constipation. Stretching and pulling n the abdominal area relaxes the muscles of the intestine and colon.
  • Acupressure can release tension from the muscles. it is obtained by pressing rubbing and pulling.
  • Shiatsu helps in restoring Migraines by increasing the blood flow circulations. It relaxes the sudden widening and narrowing of the blood vessels causing migraines.
  • It helps with reduced stress, tension, anxiety, and depression. You feel relaxed and calm.
  • The pressure is beneficial in the case of Rheumatoid arthritis in the reduction of muscular pain. It Increases blood circulation in the muscles simultaneously

Limitations and Side-effects

The massage system is preventative and remedial both. It is a very gentle enjoying massage system.It has little or no side effects. You may feel tired and sleepy by regaining with a few hours. It is good to avoid in the case of osteoporosis and early pregnancy.

How to Book a Shiatsu Massage in Delhi?

Professional shiatsu massage therapist is available at our Massage Parlour in Delhi. At the beginning of the session, the recipient goes through the evaluation process. Our expert therapist comes with enough experience in determining the patterns of imbalances. They are well trained to have a thorough knowledge of the principles of Shiatsu therapy.

This therapeutic session deals with the various states of QI, which requires a session with a long-time experienced practitioner. The massage process is adopted in the form of its traditional practices. The specific techniques are fine-tuned to vitalize the QI in deficient or irregular conditions.

Efforts are taken to disperse the excess energy. By this way, Shiatsu promotes health, restores balance, and alleviates the poor conditions. A regular shiatsu massage is available with us for their specific application and kind of patients.